travel | (I’m goin’ back home to the) West Coast

Christine and I went on an epic road trip to California and back last week. (Aside: the word epic is surely overused these days, but I feel like it is appropriate to use it here given the amount of driving we did, and the number of things and places we were able to see in the course of ten days). Originally, I suggested the trip to coincide with attending IMATS LA, but the plan quickly changed when I realized a) I didn’t want to spend that much money on makeup right now, and b) it would be more fun to use that time to see more people and places (and eat and drink more things).

Most of my photos are up on my Instagram already, though I’m sure I have more that will go up over the next little while, either here (because I should probably use this space for something; I do pay for the hosting after all) or on Instagram/Flickr. You can see all of both of our photos by going to #YVR3LAX on Instagram.

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